School Run Tracker

SchoolRunTracker is a user-friendly car sharing mobile application offering various features to facilitate communication and share school runs.

It is a practical solution for schools that are looking to implement a sustainable transport system to reduce traffic congestions and air pollution surrounding their premises.

It connects eco-conscious parents with each other so that they can share and utilise their vehicle’s empty seats wisely during school runs.

App overview

For those parents who find it inevitable to do school runs without their cars due to distance, work or health restrictions for instance. SchoolRunTracker is the ideal solution, as it brings these parents together and encourages them to cooperate together to effectively reduce the number of cars on the roads and therefore reduce car emissions.

Who is it for?

  • Eco-conscious schools

  • Working parents

  • Parents who want to cut down on fuel costs

  • Eco-conscious parents

  • Teachers and school staff

  • Schools looking for solutions to reduce traffic congestion outside the school’s yard.

How does it work?

Through an enclosed network of parents, SchoolRunTracker app will match you with parents who meet your search criteria which can be filtered by post code, your child’s age and/or class for instance.


  • Security - exclusively available to school registered parents.

  • Live tracking - of children’s full journey from and to school

  • Instant Alerts - automated notifications to keep parents informed.

  • Find school runners - search and contact local parents

  • Integrated chat - A quick way to instantly message an individual parent or a group of parents.



  • Save money by sharing fuel costs with other school runners.

  • Save time, less traffic on the roads means less traffic and therefore quicker journeys.

  • Easy communication.

  • Advanced planning.

  • Find local school runners with ease via a secure platform.

  • Plan your time more efficiently.

  • Working parents have more flexibility.


  • Less cars, less chances of accidents outside the school.

  • Effective tool to evaluate the progress of the school's sustainable strategy.

  • Create a sense of community amongst the parents and their children.

  • Cleaner air outside the school’s premises.

  • Environmentally friendly school taking very necessary steps towards a cleaner and safer world.


SchoolRunTracker Admin Panel captures, stores and displays live data on a visual dashboard for ease of interpretation.

The data can be utilised to measure the success and progress of the car sharing system amongst the participating parents.

Examples of data records:

  • Miles saved

  • Total number of parents and pupils using the app

  • Total miles saved by each vehicle

  • Total miles driven by each vehicle

  • Type of transportation used

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